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October 8, 2021

6 Ways To Protect Yourself As A Business Owner

Running a business is hard work, as any business owner knows only too well. There are staff to think about, cash flow to worry about and […]
November 8, 2017

What’s in a name? Protecting what could be your most valuable asset!

You’ve got your million dollar idea, your business plan, investors and, importantly, a really unique and catchy name for your company! Protecting your name can be […]
August 31, 2017

The Building Blocks of Business

Starting your own business comes with so many complex decisions, one of the first is figuring out what corporate structure to use. In most instances, you’ll […]
June 28, 2017

The Value of Employee Share Schemes

One way to attract, retain and incentivise talent is to give your employees an opportunity to participate financially in the growth of your business. One way […]
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