Commercial Property

Leasing a commercial property is often the largest fixed cost for a business and can be a daunting long-term commitment.

A commercial lease is far more complex than a simple residential lease and therefore harder to understand, especially the first time you encounter one.

With many conditions to negotiate, it is important to get it right to protect both tenants and landlords against unforeseen costs. Even landlords and business owners who have entered into numerous leasing agreements previously are not immune to a new request or condition that takes them by surprise.

Spending a relatively small amount of time, effort and money to get a legal review of a proposed lease before you commit to it is a smart investment in the success and stability of your business.

The Wakefields Commercial Property team is here to help both tenants and landlords with simple, pragmatic legal advice on their next lease agreement. We will work with you to meet your business goals from either side of the lease and ensure that you negotiate terms that fit your needs best.

As either a landlord or tenant, it is important that you know what you have signed up for with regards to liability, outgoings, rent reviews, rights of renewal and any special conditions on your lease. We will help you to understand the complexities of a leasing document so that you are aware of your contractual obligations.

Our Commercial Property team keeps up to date with the latest market trends and changes to relevant legislation so you can enter into any agreement with the highest degree of certainty and peace of mind.

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