If you are a named beneficiary in a will, you have a right to your share of the estate as described in the will. You also have a right to be kept informed, at all times, on all matters concerning your share.

If you have any doubts regarding your share of the estate, our Estate Administration team can advise you on this and any other aspects of estate administration. If your concerns lead to disagreement with the executor or other beneficiaries or, if you consider your share of the estate does not fairly reflect your relationship with the deceased, we can take action on your behalf to uphold your rights as determined by the will or relevant family laws.

Similarly, if there is no will, and you had a family or business relationship with the deceased, New Zealand law – the Administration Act 1969 – set outs what rights you may have on the deceased estate. We can advise you on your rights, what you need to do, and what actions we can take on your behalf.