Legal Aid & Family Legal Aid Advice Service

The Family Legal Advice Service (knows as FLAS), was established to enable the provision of initial advice and information for parties in dispute over arrangements involving the care of their children. For those who meet the income eligibility thresholds it is provided for free.

The key features are:

• The provision by a lawyer of a discrete amount of initial advice and information so that parties involved in a dispute understand their rights, responsibilities and options enabling them to make better decisions regarding their children’s welfare. The service includes assistance with the completion of court entry forms, if required.

• A free parenting education programme designed to help parents understand the effects of separation on their children.

• A mediation service where parties are enabled to work towards and reach care agreements that are in the best interests of their children.

• A service to which people may be referred to, to help people manage their feelings and focus on the children so they can participate effectively in mediation.

Typically parties are required to utilise these services before being able to make any application to the Family Court unless they have concerns about the child’s safety or welfare.

The Wakefields Lawyers family team are very experienced in the FLAS process. They can advise you on whether it is applicable in your circumstances and, if so, provide the initial legal advice and recommendations for FLAS providers. Should an application to the Family Court be required at any time in the future they can step in and represent you.