We navigate the pathways available to workers, students and residents to provide you with the best immigration advice and assistance available. Our Immigration Team has a wealth of experience and is able to lead you through the process.

New Zealand’s immigration system is continuously and rapidly changing. These changes can leave migrants unsure of their future in New Zealand, or in some cases, facing deportation.

Moving from one country to another is a complex and sometimes stressful logistical undertaking. We take as much stress from the process as possible while providing our services efficiently, irrespective of the location of our clients.

Whether you have a family member/employee who wants to remain in New Zealand or are looking to expand your business by recruiting from overseas and require assistance with the employer accreditation process, we encourage you to get in contact with our team to discuss how this can be achieved.

At Wakefields Lawyers, our team of immigration experts have a wealth of experience. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide tailored advice while taking your through the complete process.