Our Service Costs

Are you a business, facing increasing legal costs and looking for a law firm who will provide certainty around legal spend? Are you an individual who wants to better understand what their lawyer does and why legal costs accumulate so quickly? If you are, then Wakefields is for you.

At Wakefields we have thrown out the old way of billing by the hour.  We understand that our clients need certainty around costs and want to understand what it is their lawyer does and whether their legal spend is working as hard as possible.

As part of our engagement process we will sit down with you and fully scope what the matter entails. This gives you transparency around what we will do, what you need to deliver and the time it will take to complete. We will also agree with you our fee estimate  to provide greater certainty around our costs.

Retainer & Subscription Services

Are you reluctant to contact a lawyer when a legal issue or question presents itself for fear of an unexpected legal bill? Are you looking for certainty in what your business spends on it’s legal services?

Wakefields’ retainer and subscription services provide a great solution to your personal or business legal needs by enabling you to pre-purchase legal time, at a discounted rate, and use it as and when issues and questions arise.

Typically, the Advice Line Subscription Service is a reactive service designed for smaller legal issues – activities that would generally take less than an hour or two to deal with.

Our Advice Line Subscription Service is best suited to individuals or business owners who need access to quick and efficient legal advice.

As an Advice Line Subscription Service client, you can use your time to call our 0800 number or email us with a pressing legal query and we will respond quickly, giving you the legal advice and assurances to support decisions impacting your business or personal affairs.

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The Trust Administration Retainer Service enables you to pre-purchase legal time and use it as and when you require assistance with the administration of your trust.  This includes support with gifting, financial statements and accounts, and assistance with the annual trustees review.  It is a great solution for trust clients who want affordable on-going assistance to keep on top of the administration of the trust.

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Our Partnership Subscription Service is specially designed for clients with more complex legal needs, or those who want comprehensive cover of all their legal affairs. You still have access to our quick advice line, but the Partnership Subscription Service offers additional benefits.

You will be assigned a Service Partner who will work with you to build a comprehensive legal flight-plan and then provide you with the necessary expertise and support and the legal team to effectively manage your business and personal legal affairs.

It is a proactive partnership service that enables you to have your own, multi-disciplined legal team at hand to manage all of your legal concerns, helping to ensure that legal matters don’t slip through the cracks and potentially put you and your business entities at risk.

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