On the passing of a loved one, the management of the deceased’s estate can be a complex process during what is already a difficult time. Wakefields Lawyers has many years of experience assisting the deceased’s family to ensure that the wishes set out in the will are properly administered.

This can involve a wide variety of tasks including working with the Executor of the will to explain his/her responsibilities and liabilities, obtaining formal administration from the High Court for probate and letters of administration on intestacy (i.e. when someone dies without a will), bringing in assets, paying any estate debts, filing tax returns and distributing the estate assets to the beneficiaries.

At such an emotional and stressful time, Wakefields Lawyers prides itself on acting in a respectful, sensitive and empathetic manner. We understand the importance of clear and concise communication and are conscious of the trust placed in us by our clients to provide them with a practical, timely and supportive service that meets their needs and those of the estate.

For further details of what services we offer in this field, please check out our other tabs under Estates in ‘Services’. If you require any further information on our services, please contact us at info@wakefieldslaw.com or 04-970-3600.