Corporate & Commercial Law

We specialise in providing a full suite of legal services to small and medium size businesses. Our areas of expertise include capital and debt financing, business sale and purchases, franchises, company restructures and shareholder agreements.

Business Sales
& Purchases

We specialise in providing a full suite of legal services to small and medium size businesses. Our areas of expertise include capital and debt financing, business sale and purchases, franchises, company restructures and shareholder agreements.


This is where increasing the value of your business happens, as well as raising operating capital and improving financial returns to shareholders. Working quickly and effectively, Wakefields Lawyers will offer you a wide range on how to grow your business financially.

Joint Ventures & Co-ownership Agreements

If you are setting up a business with another person, whether they are a family member or ‘unrelated’, it is strongly advised that you consider entering into a Shareholders Agreement, Partnership Agreement or Joint Venture Agreement (‘Co-Ownership Agreements’).


If you think your business may be struggling, the first step is to seek professional advice. This is where Wakefields Lawyers steps in. When the daunting moment of financial difficulties appears, it is important that a business considers all options available in order to cope.


Starting a new business and growing it, whether in the technology space or otherwise, presents a wealth of issues and requires many decisions to be made. We have developed our ebook, Guide to Startups to help you navigate those issues and come to well reasoned and pragmatic solutions.

Property Law

We specialise in both residential and commercial property investment and development. We have extensive knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial conveyancing, small and large scale subdivisions, commercial leasing and building contracts.

Residential Conveyancing

It’s exciting finding the property you’ve been looking for or even to sell one. However, the property purchase requirements and conditions can be quite daunting, which dims a bit of the fun. Wakefields Lawyers ensures whether you’re purchasing or selling, the process is smooth, exciting, and beneficial to you.

Commercial Conveyancing

Leasing a commercial property is often the largest fixed cost for their business. It is a complex process, and it is important it’s done right to protect against unforeseen costs. Wakefields Lawyers ensures that the leasing arrangements are fair and consistent to attract the highest calibre tenants.

Property Guide

The Wakefields Lawyers Property Team have seen it all before and can help you with anything property, such as guidance on your best offer; applying for your KiwiSaver funds; how to choose a real estate agent; and even what to do when a potential purchaser makes an offer with unusual conditions.

Wealth Protection

We specialise in all areas of trusts, estates, succession planning, and wealth administration. We have extensive experience setting up simple and complex family, inheritance, education, and trading trusts as well as advising on property relationship matters, wills, powers of attorney, and estate administration.

Family Trusts

A tailored trust can be a useful structure to help protect assets long term and enables the organised and tailored distribution to specific beneficiaries.


Wakefields Lawyers helps you plan out your desired plan of action with advice and looking over when writing your wills.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Wakefields Lawyers assists you in your Enduring Powers of Attorney and helps you act in a way that is beneficial to you only.

Family Law

When your family has legal issues, it’s important that you have sound legal advice. Whether it relates to your children, partner, a relationship break-up, and/or custody issues, our Family Law team has years of experience representing clients in such matters.

Immigration Law

New Zealand’s immigration system is facing unprecedented scrutiny. In response to this, the government is implementing a series of rapid changes to its skilled, business and family policies. These changes can leave migrants unsure of their future in New Zealand, or in some cases, facing deportation.

Estate Administration

When someone passes away, the property they owned passes to their deceased estate and is managed by an executor, if one is named in a will, or a Court-appointed administrator if there is no will. The executor or administrator is responsible for administering the estate for as long as it takes for them to tidy up the deceased’s financial affairs and distribute the estate property to those they have left behind.

Elder Law

The lifestyle options and benefits offered by retirement villages can start to look very appealing to many retirees. The services offered can become necessary when failing health or changes in family circumstances force people to need more help during their day-to-day routines.