Aging is not just about thinking of those who will come after us. As we age our needs, goals and priorities can change drastically and it becomes increasingly important to ensure that our legal affairs are updated to match.

Wakefields Lawyers supports clients through all stages of life and can provide pragmatic and simple advice that is relevant to their situation and wishes.

We believe that every person should have their Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney in order no matter what stage they are at in life. However, as you get older it does become more necessary to ensure these documents are up to date and regularly reviewed so you can rest assured that when the time comes your loved ones will be looked after and your wishes known.

We want our clients to enjoy their ‘Golden Years’ after working hard to plan for retirement. The financial element of retirement can however be stressful and we can help you review your personal situation and advise on the options you have. Wakefields Lawyers supports many clients in financing their final years through a reverse mortgage or enjoying the lifestyle they want in a retirement village.

As we age, we need to give more consideration to our health. Many of our clients seek assistance on PPPR applications to ensure that a loved one who is incapable of making their own decisions, is supported by the appropriate person.

Our team of experienced lawyers is available to support you with whatever legal support you need. We want to break down the barriers to this support to offer home visits for clients who are house bound or in palliative care. Give us a call today to talk about your needs.