Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring can seem like a daunting task, but if it’s something that you are considering in your business, you are best to get in touch with us early. Our goal is to make the complex simple and support you every step of the way.

A restructure can be as easy as changing the structure of the organisation to realise its full potential profits from its operations, or to ensure that the company is best suited to the present situation.

Each business looking at a corporate restructure will have different goals and unique circumstances within which it works. Talking to our Commercial Team about your specific needs will help us identify some possible solutions and discuss these with you to find what will be the absolute best for you.


Financial Restructuring

There are many reasons why a financial restructure may be on the cards. A sudden decrease in sales due to economic conditions is something we’re all wary of and while we hope for the best, the reality is that sometimes this is unavoidable.

Should you ever be considering a financial restructure, our highly skilled Commercial Team will discuss options with you in regard to changing the equity pattern, cross-holding pattern, debt-servicing schedule and the equity holdings. Finding the right solution for your business will sustain your profitability in challenging times.

Our Commercial Team are skilled negotiators and will assist you in any necessary contract negotiations, which can be a daunting task in the best of circumstances.


Organisational Restructuring

Just like a financial restructure, there can be many factors leading to your business considering an organisational restructure. Periods of economic downturn or periods of rapid growth can both lead you to review this aspect of your business, as can a business merger/takeover.

There are many elements to you organisational restructure and you could be considering reducing hierarchical levels, downsizing the number of employees, redesigning the job positions and/or changing the reporting relationships.

Our team of dedicated Commercial Team will be able to discuss your business goals to ensure that you are on the right track to get to where you want to be and do what is best for your business overall while reducing the risks you may face in doing so.