When a business is facing financial distress we understand that it is a very difficult time for all involved, including the directors, shareholders, creditors and suppliers of that business.

Whether you are pursuing or defending a company debt, negotiating a financial dispute with a business partner, supplier or customer or attempting to enforce a judgment order, our Insolvency Team is here to help.

Our team can also provide fast paced, accurate advice to receivers and liquidators, in addition to advising insolvency practitioners, on matters of insolvency, including:

  • Restructure of businesses to avoid liquidation
  • Voluntary and involuntary liquidation
  • Statutory demands and liquidation proceedings
  • Appointment of receivers, liquidators, interim liquidators and administrators
  • Schemes of arrangement
  • Enforcement of security interests.

We can also assist clients dealing with mounting personal debt and and provide a range of options to try and avoid personal bankruptcy.