Corporate Insolvency

Corporate insolvency occurs when a company is unable to pay its debts when they fall due.

Your company may have already reached that point or be fast approaching it, or one of your debtor companies may be in that position which could result in you not being paid. In either instance Wakefields Lawyers insolvency team is here to help.

Wakefields Lawyers insolvency team have the skill and industry insight to give you or your business the best advice available. We have extensive experience in the recovery of financially distressed businesses, including a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of insolvency law.

Our team’s experience means we can act on all aspects of insolvency advising directors, creditors, administrators, liquidators, trustees and debtors in respect of their rights and obligations relating to bankruptcies, voluntary administrations, liquidations, company administrations, deeds of company arrangement, and corporate receivership’s.