Whether your business is a kindergarten or a law firm, if it collects, stores or uses personal information, you must comply with the principles of the Privacy Act. It doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help.

From time to time mistakes happen and personal information ends up where it shouldn’t be or someone sees something they shouldn’t have seen. If you have well though-out policies and practices in place, you will be much better placed to defend a customer complaint about a privacy breach.

Once we understand your business and why/how you collect, store and use personal information, we can tailor a privacy approach specific to your needs. We aim to make the complex simple so it’s easy for you and your staff to comply with the law.

From training you and your staff to think about privacy instinctively, to reviewing how you work and creating process and policy documents, our experienced privacy lawyers have plenty of ideas about how to keep information safe in different environments.

If things do go wrong, we can help guide you through the steps of dealing with a privacy breach and any complaint that may come out of it.